I am a Gulf Fitness Fanatic
The Challenge: Can you dedicate yourself to do at least 5 to 7 hours of fitness activity in a week?  Notice I did not say swimming, but I did write fitness.  Realizing that some of us cannot get much pool time (if any), this effort is designed to encourage all of us to amplify our exercise to a minimum of 7 hours a week.  Each of us could choose to do all kinds of alternative activities to swimming if we are still land locked.  Stuff like walking in the neighborhood, riding a bike, jogging, weight-lifting, vacuuming, playing frisbee with friends, Yoga, Pilates or even cutting the grass!  Just get up and move.

The Goal: To focus on your fitness each week over the next 8 or 13 weeks!

The Challenge: To accomplish this over the next 8 (July 1st - or August 26th) or 13 week period (from July 1st through September 30th).

The Reward: A groovy “Gulf Fitness Fanatic” T-Shirt when you reach your goal!  Best of all, it is FREE!  However, you must sign up by July 1st to qualify.  Just send an email to beek1@sbcglobal.net letting us know your name, your Masters team and your t-shirt size.  If you do not need another t-shirt, maybe one for a friend or a kiddo?  You earn it – You get it!  The only requirement is you must be a Gulf Masters Registered Swimmer to sign-up.  After that, it is all up to you!

How to record: Take a calendar, a piece of paper or the attached Excel file and begin recording your time spent doing something physical.  You keep track.  You could also use the USMS Fitness log, if you wish.  All I need is your total number of weeks with 5-7 hours of fitness during your period of choice.  Submit your total number of weeks by the end of the session. 

Below are the categories:
Focused Fitness Fanatic
           Minimum 7 hours a week for 13 weeks
Fitness Fanatic
           Minimum 7 hours a week for 8 weeks (out of 13)
Fitness Freak
           Minimum 5 hours a week for 13 weeks
Fitness Focused
           Minimum 5 hours a week for 8 weeks (out of 13)
Perspective: A lot of you can do 7 hours in a day or two, depending on your training schedule.  We do not care how much you do, only that you do the minimum required hours per week.  No excuses for rain or thunder, work or whatever…except for maybe Covid-19? 
If you want to be recognized as a Gulf Fitness Fanatic or Freak, please respond as required above and begin logging those 5-7 hour weeks.  Hope to hear from you…soon.

Keep smiling,    
Bruce Rollins - Gulf Fitness Challenge Guru
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