Stacey started swimming with a Houston USMS swim team in 2000.  In 2005 she moved to North Houston and joined the Woodlands Masters Team.  She quickly became involved in the administration of the team by taking an at-large position on the team’s Board of Directors and later became Vice- President.  In 2016 she became the President of the Woodlands Swim Team for four years, ending in January 2020.  She continues on as a Club Administrator, helping the team with keeping track of members and billing.  She has filled important roles in one of Houston’s largest teams.

In addition to helping the Woodlands Masters as an officer and administrator, she also is one of the coaches of the team.  In 2017 she became a Level I and Level II USMS certified coach and became ALTS certified in 2019.  She now coaches the team twice a week. Stacey’s swimmers describe her as thoughtful and very organized.  She believes that coaching is more than just writing up a work out, it is to help the swimmers improve.  Stacey always makes suggestions on what needs to be done to improve a swimmer’s stroke technique and makes a point to help every individual in the group.    Stacey also helps the club run several swim meets each year.  Whenever Stacey is involved in the organization of a swim meet, one can rest assured that all details will be attended to and that the competition will run smoothly. This benefits all the Houston area competitive swimmers.

Besides volunteering with the administration and coaching of the Woodlands Masters Swim Team, Stacey also began attending our LMSC meetings.   In 2016, after the sudden death of our Top Times Recorder, Stacey volunteered for the role of the Gulf LMSC Top Times Chair.  She processes all our swim meets within hours of receiving the results.  Her attention to detail ensures everything is processed properly.  She also created for the Gulf, a fillable Meet Director’s form to help our Meet Directors collect all the necessary information for each meet and to guide them through the process of preparing meet results properly.  We never have to worry about problems with our Top Times reports.

The Gulf selected Stacey to be one of our delegates for the USMS convention in 2016 and she has been active at the National level and attended all the conventions since then.  In 2017, she was selected to be member of the Records and Tabulations committee and has continued as a member of this committee.  This year she was appointed to be the Vice Chair of the Committee.  Obviously she is making positive contributions to the Records and Tabulations committee. In addition to helping in all these different roles, Stacey helps with many projects that the Gulf undertakes.  She is active in everything we do and always has great ideas and suggestions.  Stacey is one of the most active members of the Gulf LMSC board and never lets us down.  The Gulf Board congratulates Stacey on winning this well deserved award!


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