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2023 Gulf Swim University - Join Us!!!

New Year's Day is less than a week away, and that means that the 9th annual Gulf Swim University is right around the corner.  I'm hoping that you'll join us for this free fitness event, which runs from January 1st to April 30th. The 2023 participation award will be a high-quality towel, and we will again host a post-event social gathering. This event is completely free to you as a Gulf/USMS registered swimmer and is easy to enter, as follows
  1. Let me know you’re participating by emailing me at - Please make sure to email me so that I can add you to the participation list.
  2. Go to, My USMS, My Fitness Log. Enter the FREE 2023 Go the Distance Event and easily track your swimming distances (daily, weekly or monthly). 
  3. Get to the pool regularly, have fun, and get FIT. 
This fitness event may be just what you need to get to the pool consistently over the next four months.  There are five levels of challenge. 
  • Swim 20-39 miles and earn an Associate's Degree
  • Swim 40-79 miles to earn a Bachelor's Degree
  • Swim 80-119 miles to qualify for a Double Major
  • Swim 120-159 miles for a Master's Degree
  • Swim 160 miles for a PhD
 Join us in 2023 for this fun and challenging event.

Karlene Denby
Gulf Fitness Co-Chair

Volunteer and Coach Educational Webinars

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The goal of these calls is to provide an opportunity for volunteers and coaches to pose questions, get answers, discuss challenges, and share successes as you fulfill your roles. In turn, the LMSC Development Committee and/or the Coaches Committee can use the information shared to help build a repository of best practices for each of our coaches and volunteer positions.