Gulf Masters Swimming is governed by the Gulf Masters Swimming Committee (GMSC). Please contact the officers if you have any questions or need additional information about Masters swimming. 

Effective: December 2023

Office Name Club
Chairman Nicole Christensen DADS
Vice Chair Stacey Eicks WMST
Secretary Kris Wingenroth UNAT
Treasurer Karlene Denby COOG
Membership Coordinator Linda Visser COOG
Sanctions Chair Kevin Lunsford UNAT
Top 10 Recorder Linda Visser COOG
Newsletter Karlene Denby COOG
Email Nicole Christensen DADS
Webmaster Nicole Christensen DADS
Coaches Chair Patrick Harrington MACA
Fitness Chair Karlene Denby COOG
Officials Chair Herb Schwab UNAT
Open Water Chair Andreas Lorenz DADS
Social Media Alana Wilson WMST
Diversity and Inclusion Anna Bass UNAT
College Club Swimming Jill Gellatly UNAT