Gulf First Meet Free Promotion!

The Gulf LMSC is happy to announce our First Meet Free Promotion for all Gulf Registered swimmers! This is a great opportunity to give swim meets a chance and see if you like them. Masters meets are all about friendships and camaraderie with swimming providing the backdrop for both. The promotion applies to any masters pool meet sanctioned in the Gulf, EXCLUDING any Zone or National Championships.

For each swim meet, the Meet Director will decide if swimmers will need to register through the normal registration process and then get reimbursed OR if the swimmers can turn in a request form to enter and have their entry input for free. IMPORTANT: The Gulf will only pay for the regular registration fee and not any additional increased fee if you register later than the first deadline. You will find the information listed in the meet information for each meet. Here are the two different forms for swimmers to use. Please make sure to choose the appropriate one depending on the swim meet information. IMPORTANT - this is for use one time only throughout a swimmers entire masters swimming career. Only masters swimmers who have not signed up for a swim meet before are eligible:

First Meet Free Reimbursement Form (for meets where swimmers pay through the regular registration process and gets reimbursed afterwards)

First Meet Free Request Form (for meets where the swimmer requests in advance to be entered for free and the request is approved and processed by the meet director)

All meet information for Gulf Sanctioned meets will inform swimmers as to which option they should be using.