Herb has been an official since 1992. He currently officiates swim meets for U. S. Masters Swimming, NCAA, and USA Swimming. Herb first started officiating at Masters Meets in 2007, when he was the Meet Referee at the South Central Short Course Championships at the University of Houston. Since that time, he has been involved with countless LMSC meets, and many Zone Championships in Houston, Austin, and College Station, Texas. Since 2007, Herb has been at each of the USMS National Championships in various capacities. His first assignment was as the Administrative Referee at the 2007 Summer Nationals in The Woodlands, and he has been the Administrative Referee for numerous Nationals through the summer of 2016. He was the Meet Referee for the 2008 Spring Nationals in Austin. Since 2017, he has been the Hy-Tek Meet Manager Specialist for USMS Spring and Summer Nationals. He also was the Administrative Referee for the 2018 UANA Pan American Championships in Orlando. Likewise, Herb has been the Administrative Referee for the State and National Senior Games, USA Masters Games, and the IGLA Championships in 2019.

Herb is an active official for USA Swimming and for the NCAA. For USA Swimming, Herb has officiated at local age group meets, state championships, zone championships, and national meets. He also serves as the Hy-Tek Meet Manager Specialist for several Junior Nationals Championships.

Herb officiates as the Meet Referee for several NCAA Division I schools in Texas. Additionally, he serves as the meet database operator for several conference championships, including the Atlantic 10 Conference and the Big East Conference. He has been the meet database specialist for the NCAA Division II Championships since 2009, and for the NCAA Division I Championships since 2017.

Herb was a member of the USMS Officials Committee from 2013 to 2019. He currently is the LMSC Officials Chair for the Gulf LMSC.


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